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Young Adults

Turning 18 can be exciting: leaving college, getting a job, heading off to Uni, experiencing independence… But at the same time, negotiating the adult world for the first time can be daunting.


Individual questions of gender and sexuality, as well as global dilemmas of climate change and conflict etc can make the world seem a very hostile place to us.  Additionally, just because of our age, familiar support services and youth organisations may no longer be available.


At times of change, unresolved worries and anxieties can come flooding back. The adult world may offer us many more choices that we aren’t prepared for.  We want to be an adult but, at the same time, might feel stuck in childhood ways of thinking and acting that are no longer useful. 


These unresolved issues and questions can manifest in a number of ways which can cause concern for us and those closest to us. 

  • Depression;

  • self-harm or suicidal thoughts;

  • struggles with relationships, family members or parents;

  • problems with eating;

  • general feelings of sadness, dissatisfaction with life;

  • uncharacteristic outbursts of anger or rage.


Psychotherapy can offer you an objective, confidential space to work through the changes you’re facing and help you to gain confidence to find your place in society. 

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